Product Manager, Komoju

Tokyo, Japan

Komoju @ Degica

We accept, manage and settle money between countries, currencies and various local payment methods. Many companies, from small merchants up to global corporate giants, expect Komoju to work reliably, quickly, safely and without effort on a large scale. We handle many, many millions of transactions each a year. Japan and Korea are our main theatres of operations now and we plan to expand into Europe later this year, follow by South East Asia and South America shortly.

As Product Manager for our payment platform, Komoju, you will be responsible for building APIs, products and platforms. You will work closely with our customers, our merchant onboarding team, business development team as well as other stakeholders in order to design and build our payment abstractions and systems. You will be a part of the engineering team based here in our Kichiouji office in Tokyo.

Our ideal product manager is someone who has led technical products or large-scale platforms, has an extreme demand for attention to the details, is able to communicate complex concepts in a concise way and is equally enthusiastic about 99.999% reliability and accuracy, as well as the love for a beautiful product UX and API design.

You will play a major role in our coup d’eta attempt to redesign the global financial norms, starting with Japan.

Degica product managers help create innovative payment products for our customers. Solid Product Development requires close collaboration between engineering, design, data analytics and customer facing teams. You will be joining a small but agile and growing team of experienced engineers and Product Managers who have a track record of building successful large-scale business platforms that are making significant impacts to millions of customers in Japan and around the world.

We are looking for someone who has

  • Built APIs, products and scaled complex systems.
  • Experienced working on large-scale platforms and or infrastructure
  • A computer science, math or science degree or software engineering experience.

You may be a great if

  • You are a creative product creator who enjoys collaborating with all levels of the company, across different business models and industry and political boundaries.
  • You love engineering, data analytics, marketing, sales, design and love combining them with a global mindset.
  • You can bring clarity to any complex problem and situation, in both written and verbal forms.
  • You have experience managing technical software products from kick-off to ship.
  • You do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful whether that means writing a QA plan or supporting a customer right down to identifying the root of a problem.
  • Beyond just building new products, you are obsessed in continuously improving and optimizing products by designing small, medium and large updates and releases.
  • You have started or ran a business before.

What’s like to work at Degica?

Degica is helping Japan open itself up to be a part of the global marketplace by building software tools that accelerate economic access across the globe. We make it easy to start and operate a global internet business.

We view Degica as a constantly growing workplace and same view for its people. We believe in a diverse work force and only by being diverse can we bring out the best in all of us. Multilingual is in our DNA and we are constantly helping each by sharing our differences in language, skills, experiences and culture. Daily communications will always be in English or Japanese or both, making every day in our Tokyo office seems like working holidays in a foreign country, regardless of where you are from.

We want to work in a company of warm, inclusive people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. We strive to grow under a self-organizing engineering culture, which means our people have both stakes and ownerships in what they work on at Degica. We value people who play to their strengths, but who are also able to invest in areas where they want to grow within the team.





  • お客様のアカウントやフォーラム、掲示板等へのログイン機能を提供するため
  • 当社の取り扱う商品や景品の発送、ダウンロードなどのサービスを提供するため
  • サービス提供の対価として料金を請求するため
  • サービスのキャンセルに伴う返金や回収代金の送金を行うため
  • サービス内容に関するお問い合わせに対して適切に回答するため
  • ダイレクトメール、メールマガジン等の広告や情報を送付するため
  • 当社のサービスの更新、変更、停止等を告知するため
  • 当社のサービスの改善および新しいサービスに関する研究開発のため
  • 個人または法人が特定されない形式に情報を加工したうえで、統計情報として分析し、マーケティング、情報配信などのサービスに活用するため
  • 本人確認を行うため
  • 詐欺、サイバー攻撃、その他の違法行為および当社のサービス利用規約に違反する行為を防止、調査および特定して当社の権利利益を保護するため
  • 採用業務に利用するため







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